Tuesday, December 29, 2009

So how am I feeling? my readers ask

Breakfast today was a spinach-acai-mango smoothie with a touch of cilantro.  I have so many people following this blog (lol) - well just the ones that count! I was asked how am I feeling since I started the Raw diet almost 5 weeks ago. Let me list the Pros and Cons of what I have been going thru for you...

  • Hmm..the biggest PRO - I GO POTY NOW! I swear I was in a new evolutionary phase when I was born as I never, ever go! One month on this diet and I go everyday with no senekot - woo-hoo..those that know me know how huge of an issue this was for me!
  • I love fruit - and I eat lots of fruit!
  • I eat all I want (lots of volume) - If I am hungry I eat more
  • Lots of variety actually especially when you get some raw recipes books
  • I have met some really awesome and cool people online

  • Detox symptoms - I was so tired the first few weeks but I think my RA was flaring as I had bad joint pain too
  • No sourdough toast (well I dont seem to crave it now though) - should'nt have it anyways right?
    Eating out is HARD to do - You have to plan to bring your raw stuff with you if you go somewhere
  • I still have to cook for my family who eats meat and other stuff I wont touch anymore - though I am getting more veggies and fruit in them now ( but this means I make two meals one for me, one for them)

I cannot really say if this diet has helped my RA, as I started back on my enbrel two weeks ago and I think that is helping. I am off prednisone now though. My skin still breaks out a little, so I do not have that glow everyone talks about! My hair seems like it has grown a little faster as I can see roots much faster this time since my last highlight. I am thinking of going natural. I am sick of the cost, and sitting in that darn chair for 2 hours just so I can be blonde.


TheFitnessFreak said...

Don't worry Judy, being Raw gets easier, I know it's hard to imagine now but one day it will be second nature : ) I've been at this for 9 months and thought for sure I would have caved by now but it's so normal I can't imagine I'll ever go back. I still cook for my family just like you but I just have salad or fruit for dinner every night and it makes it easier. I save the "fancy" Raw foods for when I'm home and have time. If you need any ideas or anything just let me now!


Sierrastar said...

Thanks so much Nicole! I appreciate your comments and help! I can use all the help I can get. I did decide this year (2010) that I am gonna stock up on much healthier snacks for the kids and weed out all the crap. The family does not have to be raw, but they can sure eat healthier! I am following your blog now...thanks again!