Thursday, December 10, 2009

Say Hey! RA go away! My Raw Food Journey

Welcome everyone - well where to begin...lets start at the beginning...At first the earth cooled and the dinosaurs came...oh wait, that is a different story. I started on a High Raw diet about two weeks ago. For the past 13 years I have battled that yukky disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis in which I will use the abbreviation of RASUCKS - just kidding - how 'bout plain old RA okay? Due to things beyond my control (like nerve pain and skin burning) I have to stop Enbrel - a great medication for helping RA but with super nasty side effects. So here I am - deciding to take control of what I can take control of - my diet. Thus, I started a journey to discover the Raw Food world. There are alot of awesome sites out there that will help you discover Raw food. I absolutely love Kristen's Raw - an awesome site filled with expert information on Raw Food and her books are the bomb! Okay I am rambling - off to make a banana-coconut-hemp smoothie (and you have no idea how much I hate bananas - strange I know).

Sidenote: After 13 days on a High Raw diet (for me at least 90% Raw) I still feel yukky! My RA is flaring bad! Knees are very stiff and I know I would feel much better if I could chop off my wrists and hands! (well I have thought about it from time to time as these joints cause horrid pain).

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