Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why the blog name Rawsierra you may be asking?

Me and the hubby over Piute Pass at Golden Trout Wilderness in the High Sierra's - Summer 2009

Okay, well I had to choose a name for my blog and have the word RAW in it I suppose...and R.A. is in the word I thought I would pair it with something I love! The High Sierra's - My backpacking buddy, soulmate, awesome hubby and I love to backpack every summer into the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. Heck I want to be John Muir and just stay up there for months on end!  We also frequent the PCT and would love to do a thru-hike one day...Maybe if this Raw diet can help my RA, a thru-hike is in my future? Yes? I will need lots of trail angels (Leslie that means you!). Okay foodage for today included:

Breakfast: Banana-Coconut-Hemp Smoothie (super yummy and I dont even like bananas!)

Lunch: Cauliflower Jumble - well it has cauliflower and carrots and asparagus and fresh herbs all tossed in my food processor with some olive oil and fresh orange juice. I got this recipe from - its a fab site and Gena is so sweet! I had some fresh pineapple, pineapple must be the fruit God eats!

Dinner: Spinach-Mango-Cilantro Smoothie with a sprig of mint, and a red leaf lettuce salad with carrots and yummy avocado dressing, a couple of raw chocolate dipped strawberries to top it all off!

My family had spaghetti - alas - my favorite childhood food! When I get my spiral slicer do ya think zucchini noodles will taste the same? I can dream right?

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