Friday, January 15, 2010

Backpacking adventures – McClure Meadows High Sierra's

McClure Meadows - July 2009

McClure Meadows, Evolution Valley, High Sierra's – July 2009

How beautiful is this place? I mean, this was a breathtaking spot for a portrait. This is McClure Meadows, located in Evolution Valley in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We camped nearby and had perfect views of Evolution Creek. Now you can see why I am addicted to backpacking. This was July 2009 before I went raw, so those packs are filled with prepackaged Mac n Cheese and Clif bars! So I have a huge task ahead of me preparing to stay raw/vegan on the trail. When you are backpacking every ounce counts! So you just can't bring a bag of apples or my juicer along with me. I have a few ideas, like dehydrating fruit, crackers, bringing some Amazing Wheat grass powder, nuts, organic almond butter, oatmeal, larabars, pure bars, and dehydrated veggies. I will bring some GoRaw stuff as I love, love, love their granola and snacks! Backpacking burns at least 5000 calories a day so you are starving at dinner and ready for carbs! I am sure I will eat cooked at night and include some quinoa and other stuff. But, I hope I can get enough to eat!

Okay, I will post another gorgeous backcountry pic soon!
Hugs and prayers to my vegan/raw peeps!

PS – if you are wondering how I backpack with RA, well let me tell you it is very difficult. Lots of motrin, darvocet, and sheer determination. I really hurt ALOT when I backpack, but I will not bow down to RA, in fact RA can kiss my a$$. I have to tape up my knees and wrists and use lots of icy hot. Mornings are full of stiffness and pain. But I will crawl on the trail before I give up backpacking!


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Ingunn said...

What a gorgeous place! I hike a lot in Washington, but I dream of visiting the Sierras and hiking the John Muir Trail.

I would love to hear more backpacking tales, I am so impressed with your determination to follow through with it even though it must be extremely painful for you.

Raw Hiker said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I'm really happy to hear about your blog, and I'm going to read through it when I get home from my hike today! :)


rawkstar diaries said...

What a gorgeous place! It must be amazing in person. I plan on hiking the Appalachian Trail this spring so hearing your stories and getting tips on what kind of food to pack is great. I enjoyed this post.

Tom Bailey said...

This was not taken recently right? I would think it would be much colder than that with more snow.


RawSierra said...

Hi Tom, this pic was taken in July 2009. I am sure there is alot of snow up there now! We love Evolution Valley, it is so gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by!

Kristen's Raw said...

Looks SOOO beautiful. My husband would love for us to go there someday. :)

BTW - LOVE the blog :)

RawSierra said...

Thanks Kristen! I hope you are feeling terrific! The Sierra's are gorgeous!