Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 and a neW YeAR

How ironic that the letters R-A-W are in the words New and my warped thinking...Well after a laid back New Years Eve with best friends and family filled with juicing and homemade pizza for the fam (salad and spicy and sweet veggie noodles for me) - I caught up on some ZZZZs today. I took a huge, fat nap and stayed in jammies all day. But I did get busy and make Mountaineers' Hearty Hemp Pancakes - that is a pic of them in my dehydrator..and the batter tasted heavenly, but I am hooked on hemp, what can I say. These babies are for breakfast tomorrow and then we head off to hike the PCT at Cajon pass on the 15 frwy. Join me followers! Penny and Leslie that means you!

Look at my 5 lb Hemp Seed bucket from Manitoba Harvest....yum! hemp seed tastes awesome plain and in smoothies, and in everything else you can think of...I love the fact that they are so good for me too!

And that hot girl in the picture behind the hemp seed bucket is

Oh, and I cannot wait to work with Gena of  - she will be my Raw food coach, friend, mentor, nutrition expert for the next month or so! She is going to help me realize my potential for a healthy new me in 2010...Thanks Kristen for the referral as I know I will love working with her!

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bitt said...

we buy tons of hemp too. i have that book. i will need to try the pancakes!