Monday, February 1, 2010

Sierra Sunrise Morning Cocktail – Rawlicious!


This delicious and scrumptious juice is filled with Beta-carotene and Vitamin C and all sorts of raw goodness! Beta-carotene really helps boost your immunity and we RA sufferers know all about yukky immune systems don't we? I guarantee you will love this juice as much as I do.

Sierra Sunrise Morning Cocktail

8 medium-large carrots peeled (less earthy this way)

2 apples (green or red or mix em')

2 small-medium celery stalks

4 oranges (peeled)

Wash them all thoroughly and toss them in your juicer – I have a Hurom slow juicer, but any juicer will do. You can strain your juice to remove any pulp or don't strain it – it's up to you.

This recipe makes one quart and stores well for a few days  - meaning it does not lose much taste integrity from oxidation.

Right now this is my favorite morning juice. I store it in a one quart mason jar with a plastic lid. I love mason jars to store things, and I am gonna ditch all my plastic tupperware with all its nasty toxins for glass mason jars and glass containers.

Hey I went camping in Death Valley over the weekend and stayed high-raw. I did have a vegan, cooked dinner and I did not notice any difference with my digestion. Death Valley, is quite beautiful and serene and filled with 10,000 abandoned mines – how cool is that? Death Valley Raw Food Camping post coming soon!


Antony Heaven said...

mmmm . . . does this taste like orange juice? it looks delicious :-)

RawSierra said...

Hi Antony - its tastes like a carrot-orange juice combo with a hint of saltiness from the celery. In my opinion it is way better than straight orange or straight carrot juice!

rawkstar diaries said...

Mmmmm that looks soooo good. Just in time. I am juice fasting this week!

RawSierra said...

I was thinking of juice feasting (fasting) you have a menu plan?

Anonymous said...

It looks like you are taking in the sun its self. It is certain to rise you up in your alignment to the days sensations.