Saturday, February 6, 2010

Raw Cookie Dough Cleanse – Day 1

Haha – gotcha! I am sure in heaven there is a cookie dough cleanse, but not here on Planet Earth baby! Even if they are made from all raw, vegan ingredients!  These little beauties are courtesy of the lovely Averie at – and I have to tell you she is a cookie dough genius! This raw version is so much better than the real, non-vegan version. You have to try these and they are super easy to make.

mmm...cookie dough

mmmmm….cookie dough (as Homer Simpson would say)

cookie dough is your friend Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight?

cookie dough - mine

Averie's Raw Cookie Dough and My Brazil Nut Milk

To be honest, desserts on the raw diet ROCK – it is the main dishes I miss. I mean I grew up on In-N-Out double double…and I still miss them when the carnivore family orders them -

In-N-Out is an institution here in California. In high school, I would order a double double, a single, fries and a chocolate shake. Holy cr@p! I would gain 10 pounds in one day if I ate that now. And yes, I have watched Food, Inc. and know all the bad and nasty stuff about our meat supply – but -


16x16Now this would be excessive. But someone ate this 16x16 burger. I wish my desire for some of my old eats would just go away! But I am sorry, my kale salad sometimes just does not compare to the In-N-Out double double. You Cali people know what I am talking 'bout!

What do you all miss on the Raw diet? Do you have any desire for the old foods you used to consume?



bitt of raw said...

love it! cookie dough cleanse! the cookie doughs would be waaaay better than the in n out burger. yuck.

when you think of raw desserts as the ingredients you realize they are not too naughty--a couple of dates and some nuts, basically.

Cathy said...

I am not raw but what I miss on the Body Ecology Diet is wine and gf chocolate cupcakes that I make. Now, the hamburger does look delicious too!

Nikki said...

That cookie dough looks amazing. Think I'll add it to my cleanse... I could make a cookie dough smoothie, right? Haha. Serving it with Brazil nut milk is genius. I'm bookmarking this to make after my cleanse.

Lori said...

I have to say that I've never been a fan of burgers in the first place...but even if that double double was unbelievable I know I'd want to cry when I was finished with it!

The funny thing about eating raw is that I don't miss a hell of a lot of the food I used to eat. I feel like I have everything I need. I wouldn't mind spinach lasagna though...or goat cheese in my salad. It also would be super if coffee was raw and I wouldn't feel so guilty whenever I gave in to drinking it!

RawSierra said...

And I care about the treatment of animals among other reasons not to eat meat, but I have to admit, sometimes I still want it -

Nikki, let me know how the cleanse goes! I want to try a cleanse. I want to check my pH levels too someday

Bitt, yes raw desserts never make me feel guilty - yeah!

Cathy - I will have to check out the Body Ecology diet, I have never heard of it

Lori - I so wish coffee was raw too! I drink Teccino which is an herbal coffee but lately (the last week or so) I have been sneaking a teaspoon of Peet's in my Teccino! Im a bad raw girl! lol

Karen said...

Great post--I hear you! While the cookie dough does look amazing [what is the recipe?] I too have problems/cravings for the cooked food of yore. I even sometimes give in =\ But to be honest, the cravings have decreased the last few weeks, and are more manageable--so that's something. But last month I did notice that I did not get my period when I was supposed to, ended up giving into a craving for cooked food, and the next morning got my flow. So there may be something going on there--I need to make sure I eat enough raw so that it does not happen again...

blessedmama said...

Hey, do you know of a chips and salsa cleanse? When you do, let me know ASAP! I'm not raw, just vegan, but anything I miss, I try to reinvent. Don't know how to advise you with 16 burgers, though! Stop back by my blog b/c I've answered your Q. Hope you have a great week.

Girl on Raw said...

Ahahahaha that food looks GROSS. But I hear ya on the cravings. Yeah it can be tough sometimes. Hey sorry that I didn't get back to ya on the coconuts, but i just responded just now here

And I use iMovie :)

Love your blog :)

TheFitnessFreak said...

Now that's a cleanse I could do! :o)

I miss BBQ sauce and cooked tomato sauce the most. Crazy I know!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Hi Miss Raw Sierra! Thanks for making this and popping over to my blog today! Sorry I am a delayed in getting over here..glad you're liking the cookie dough! For anyone who needs the link to the recipe, it's

And I hope you enjoy your cookie dough cleanse :)

Joy R3FitShow said...

There is a psychological component involved and being that will power is temporary doesn't help. As you experiment with healthy eating, pay close attn to your feelings of happiness, confusion or resentment.