Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I can has veggie burger? lol

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I find myself feeling blah – and I do not know why. So I am trying to remind myself all the things I have to be thankful for and the list is long. God, husband, kids, family, friends, my life, etc. I need to express my gratitude everyday to all the good and wonderful things in my life. This seems to help the blahs!

So what's going on this Wednesday with you? This year is already flying by if you ask me. Of course ever since I turned 40 last year (ahem, cough, cough - lol) I feel like time travels at the speed of light!

So, I am starting to introduce a little more cooked, vegan food into my diet. Not everyday, but maybe twice a week. Got to get ready for a big backpacking trip in July (Sawtooth's? Justin you going?) where I will be eating cooked food every night. So I thought I would take a shot at some veggie burgers…..tada!

vegburgersMy first veggie burger thingys evah! Thanks to Angela at Oh She Glows for the Jiffy Spelt Burger Recipe (I used Oat flour instead of Spelt cuz I am trying to be gluten free these days). Heck I never even heard of Spelt until I went to Angela's site! How is that for ignorance! I do not think I have a gluten intolerance, but who knows what effects RA these days. So I am trying to cut out all that stuff. Its tough being raw and gluten free isn't it? Especially when your family is made up of voracious carnivores!


This morning I had green juice that was about the best green juice I have made as of late. I am trying to cut down my fruit in my green juice so I was a proud mama, only including one apple in this recipe. I LOVE celery in juice, do you? It gives such a salty kick to juice.


Today is ENBREL day. For those of you that do not know what this is, it is a Biological RA med that you inject 1 or 2 times per week depending on the type of ENBREL you are prescribed. RA is an autoimmune disease. So the short answer is, if you have RA, your immune system is attacking itself. Can I get a big BOO to that? ENBREL helps stop some of that bad-action-immune-system-attacking from occurring. So I got to inject this stuff and lately my thighs look like I am junkie. My bruises from the injections linger forever! Could I have a vitamin deficiency? We shall see as I am getting a full blood panel next week.

I hate taking this stuff. Yes, it makes my RA alot better, but the side effects suck – like Cancer, TB, infections, oh and even death. How's that for a cure for RA? Haha –

I won't get into the logistics of how ENBREL works to stop the immune system from attacking itself. But know this, ENBREL is EXPENSIVE. If you do not have insurance it is around $1500 for a one month supply. And it probably will not go generic since it is a biologic drug made in special facilities. It is very sad to think there are people with RA who cannot afford to take the latest breakthrough drugs to ease their symptoms. And if you are on Medicare fughettaboutit! With Medicare's tier pricing, you are in the donut hole in less than two months. Can you see why we need healthcare reform in this country?


I started a RAW diet to see if I could get off this stuff. ENBREL helps me ALOT, but the side effects suck. Some of the side effects I have experienced recently are nerve issues in both hips and ENBREL warns about nerve damage among other things. But, if I do not take ENBREL, I will never get out of bed – Yes, RA sucks that much!

Let me list the positive things that the RAW diet has helped me with:

The good things RAW has done

  • Constipation (I know a yukky subject, but it has cured me of this chronic ailment – a miracle!)
  • Weight Loss – I was not heavy to begin with but I have lost about 6 pounds and I do not count calories – yeah!
  • Food Addiction – I pretty much eat to live now instead of live to eat (does this make sense? – food does not have as much control over me as it used to)

What I am still waiting for RAW to do

  • Acne – I do NOT have that glow or good skin yet? What is up!!!! Everyone on the raw diet says their skin clears up…well not mine! And I want it now! lol
  • Energy – I feel NO difference in energy levels – boo. Maybe its my RA, no duh, I am sure its my RA
  • More weight loss – having RA, I would like to be slightly underweight to put less pressure on my joints, but my body does NOT want to cooperate! I want to get to 115 lbs, but I think I will have to cut off an arm or something.
  • Cure RA – well one can hope right?! At least ease my symptoms
  • World Peace

Okay, so there you have my long-winded post! I hope everyone has a terrific night. My hubby and I are watching LOST on Hulu (my son, Cody, got us addicted, and we are on the final episode of season 1.

Love to all! – More backpacking pics for your enjoyment!



Cathy said...

I am enjoying reading about your raw diet and RA. Thanks for sharing.

bitt of raw said...

I can relate as I am still waiting for raw to do some stuff for me as well. I think it just takes time and patience. At least i hope so. My skin has had some issues lately, I think it might be some detoxing.

RawSierra said...

Hi Bitt, yeah I am discouraged about my breakouts. Geez, I was hoping to get clear skin, my face always has acne. I am thinking of going back on proactiv but it is $30 a month plus shipping. I am trying tea tree oil right now but now I am worse!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Hi Sierra!
Re your question about know, some have trace casein and some don't. For me, I am not concerned with traces. They don't bother me mentally or physically. I am looser than some very "strict" vegans or raw foodies but that's my comfort zone; relax, enjoy, not stress over it. That said, if you do have reason to truly want to avoid casein or milk protein which is generally used to cheaply culture the bacteria, then source yourself a dairy free probiotic, totally easy :)

Your "orange juice" in the last post looks delish and I wish you health & strenght my friend with everything you're going thru!

blessedmama said...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love the raw food way, too, and am trying to try more and more of it out. We're going to be buying a VitaMix after California furloughs are over, sw we'll be enjoying some yummy, healthy juices. I also have a nephew who is allergic to bunches of food, so I've been feeding him raw desserts. I can relate to your complaints about not experiencing all the wonderful changes to your body due to raw. With a vegan diet, I wonder longingly at people who have said they lost a ton of weight, while I'm still, er, pleasantly "healthy"? Anyhow, I love your honesty about RA and your fight to control it, your love of life and your family, and your love for the Lord. Excellent blog. I'm going to add you as a link in mine. Blessings.

VivaciousVegan said...

I use to take enbrel, it never worked for me, so they put me on really helps, except in the winter. Same pain with the infusion on top of it! I love your blog!!!