Thursday, January 7, 2010

I want to go to cool places with you

Hey hey! Long time no blog! I have been busy (i.e. tired) and also busy I guess! This fab dish is from and it is "peanut" noodles - a really great tasting sauce with miso and lime and namu shoyu or something like that...anyways tasted awesome. I am really staying away from fruit the last 3 days except for the occasional banana in my smoothie.

The hubby wants to get away on Saturday and try this cool place which is a raw food restaurant in Costa Mesa called 118 degrees but he forgets we have the children to look know, those one that have been living with us for such a long time! Why not leave the 17 year old in charge?  haha - those who know him would never ask such a question!

Lets see...about the RA (RA sucks - my new bumper sticker)...I had to take prednisone the other day as I was in agony..I sleep with both wrist braces on and rub icy hot all over my joints...and my hubby says icy hot is NOT an - well it is to me! I could bathe in that stuff. I was thinking of trying Epsom salt baths - anyone know if those will help me?


Anonymous said...

Epsom salts are excellent for helping you relax in the tub. Do try them. Lavender is a great scent to add, too. I'm not sure if they have any effect on rheuma, but people DO use them to soak sore muscles, feet, etc. Can't hurt.

Love your blog. I've done quite a lot of hiking and backpacking, too. Desolation Wilderness, Mokolumne Wilderness ... But I can't imagine doing any of those hikes while the rheuma was flaring. You're one tough wee gal!

RawSierra said...

Hey Wren, well Im not really that tough...Darvocet and prednisone help me get through those tough times, although I wish I could take no meds! Its so cool that you like to backpack too!