Friday, January 8, 2010

Presentation - its all about presentation!

plantbloodWe have been living with plastic glasses for like eons! Well, since my kids are older I decided to go buy some real glass glasses to drink my plant juice in. But now I am the one that drops and breaks everything (have you seen my hands! They dont work!) Anyways, Kristen at has great advice in her books about presentation and I am a firm believer. This juice just tastes better when I drink it out of a nice glass with a few little garnishes. Im weird I know..but whatever works right?!


Girl on Raw said...

Judy thank you for coming to visit my blog. I love Kristen and anything she says I believe! You have a great blog here too. I'll make sure I stop by :)

Sierrastar said...

Hi Robyn! I am so happy you stopped by! I love reading your blog. And I so loved the video of your dad on his unicycle...that was so cute! Thanks for all your inspiration!