Thursday, January 14, 2010

The ugliest smoothie in the world! I name thee Primordial Ooze


Good morning all my lovely raw and vegan peoples! Only I could create the ugliest, most unattractive smoothie in the universe!

But hey it has a good personality!


It is almost camouflaged with my granite countertop


What does Lucy say in her vita-veta-vegamin episode? "And its so tasty too!"  NOT!…this was one of those "I know its good for me, so just chug it down cuz I dont want to waste it" smoothies. Why did it turn out this way? You are dying to know right?


Amazing Wheat Grass Powder! This was my first attempt to use it. Is it amazing for my insides? Yes. Did it make my smoothie taste good? Not so much.


Here is the rest of the culprits that formed the most ugliest smoothie in the world. Steamed spinach, blueberries, hemp seed, nut milk, chia seeds, and bananas. I also added a spear of fresh pineapple cuz its gonna go to waste. 

It tasted like bentonite clay. Yes, some of us have licked rocks and actually know what clay tastes like! Yes, geologists are weird, but we know how to party!

So i dub this smoothie "Primordial Ooze" cuz that is what it looks like…not that I have seen primordial ooze but I am guessing it would look like this.

So on the agenda today is:

  • Workout with some type of Cathe weight tape
  • Walk with hubby at lunch time
  • Laundry eternal
  • Figure out what I will uncook for lunch and dinner
  • Take Cody to the Dr to remove stitches from his ear

So enjoy your raw and vegan day everyone!


Our two labs, Misty and Jake, littermates, being dorks in their kennels last night! They love to sleep in our room in their kennels. But they are definitely dork dogs! They escaped yesterday for like four hours, and you can see the results of their explorations…they were zonked out!

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bitt said...

haha! with all powders I have learned to go light at first and add more later. sorry it was so yucky. sometimes i feed those to the dogs. or add more good stuff to it.