Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Say yes to carrots

Well, today I made 2.5 cups of fresh carrot juice so I could make the lovely Carrot Avocado Bisque recipe by Gena at and I have to tell you that this “boup’ (bisque+soup=boup) is so totally awesome.  You can drink it semi-warm straight from your vitamix or cold straight from the frig. Well, needless to say I had carrot pulp! What should I do..I hate to toss pulp into the garbage. So I made some carrot chia crackers and some carrot cupcakes with cashew vanilla cream frosting.


Today is a bleh day. I do not know why.  Several mishaps these past few weeks include a traffic ticket, a blown out tire and a ripped up and stitched ear – all from the same kid. Is there a superfood that helps you not worry! lol…its called God! 

For lunch today I had a few cups of cut up veggies over organic greens with some Tahini dressing and chia crackers. I cannot figure out if I like Chia seeds or not! Do I like picking them out of my teeth for several minutes after I eat the crackers? I will get back to you on that.


I have a few items on my list that I want to make. Oh She Glows Angela has these breakfast cakes that she makes that sound yummy…I know, I know they are not Raw, but they are vegan. her site is wonderful and she is really inspiring. She seems so sweet! I have never met her, but her writing style seems to exude a lovely person (reminding me of my bestie). I want to order some of her gluten free glo bars and I cannot wait til she offers them. Anyways, I want to make those breakfast cakes and I also want to make a few of the goodies like her newly posted Whoopie Pies.

Ever since my hyst-o-whatever-omy in Sept 09 I have been a sluggo…yes I have hiked some miles on the good ole PCT and around the neighborhood but I am not back to my presurgery workout self! I need to start a weekly workout plan and stick to it. If I just wasn’t so dang tired all the time. Oh how I wish I had energy!  I have been off coffee for 3 weeks now, but I was in the store and had my nose glued to the Peet’s Coffee – literally I was hugging all the Peet’s 1lb bags!  haha, I know I am weird. But I love the smell of coffee and Iove Peet’s Coffee! Okay off to work out and if I see my bed calling me I will not succumb!


bitt said...

just found your blog via twitter. i am also dealing with health challenges and hoping to help them with a raw diet.

i do like chia but not always in crackers--they can get chewy that way.

off to read more of your blog.

Sierrastar said...

Hi! I have been on your blog before and love it. I need to read more to see how the raw diet is helping you. So far, I am still crappy as far as my RA goes. But I am still plugging along and Raw. I love your photos on your blog. And your cute dog and kitty. I, like you, am trying to get off conventional meds. I just started my blog and it looks like I need to get more detailed! Sometimes my posts are like 4 sentences!