Thursday, May 27, 2010

RA Gone Wild and Yummy Flax Cookies

Hi everyone! Long time since I posted. Sorry but crazy times around here with the son graduating college, the other son in baseball playoffs, daughter in dance recitals, end of school year stuff – all this and a really bad RA flare – and I mean really bad – wild bad. Cannot get out of bed bad. I think I need a rope contraption on the ceiling so I can somehow be hoisted out of bed!

As some of you may know from my other blog RA is Wild, I have been eating way more cooked food lately. After 5.5 months on raw, and my RA getting so much worse I had to make changes.  I am still trying to be at least 50% raw throughout the day and seem pretty successful with that. All it takes is a huge salad at lunch, or maybe a hummus wrap with lots of veggies and a green smoothie at breakfast, and I find it easy to stay above the 50% raw mark. Last week I was feeling a little better but this week has been really, really (did I say really?) hard. Coping with extreme, chronic pain can be tough to deal with mentally too. I have the greatest husband in the world who is very supportive and helpful – Love you hubby!

So my RA has been really bad lately and my hands do not work at all. In fact when I wake up, they are numb and very painful (I know that sounds weird to be numb and have pain at the same time but that is how I describe it). My wrists hurt so bad that I am icing them in the morning. But when life gives you lemons, what do you do? Make cookies! lol  - Even if my hands are not working I can make these easy cookies. Nothing will stop me from making cookies! I will make them with my elbows if I have too!

The other day I made Averie's No-Bake Vegan Flax Seed Cookies and these are really good! What a great way to incorporate flax into your diet and they are sooo easy! I added a TBSP of Almond Butter just because. Now she makes a much prettier version of cookies than I do, but remember I have mangled, painful hands! haha

raw 005

Head on over to Averie's site as she has some wonderful vegan recipes and advice. She is a really wonderful person and blogger and is very inspirational!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Weekend! God Bless you all!


TheFitnessFreak said...

So sorry to hear your RA is bothering you so badly Judy : ( I know just the feeling you are talking about, I have had it in my ankles before, awful! I'm glad Averie's cookies could cheer you up : ) She has the best, easiest recipes doesn't she? Feel better. I'm sending healing vibes your way!


bitt of raw said...

gotta love raw cookies.

i am in the middle of the flare too. it sucks. hope you can get some relief soon. said...

i hope you feel better soon :-) any trips to MT coming up?

blessedmama said...

Judy, I feel very badly for you that you are in so much pain. But, I get the feeling that you wouldn't mind sympathy, just not pity. You strike me as a strong, optimistic, and hopeful woman. I hope these flare ups end soon.